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Harris Technology Group Limited (ASX:HT8)

Harris Technology Group Limited delivers value to consumers by providing great products at great prices.

Harris Technology receives top ranking marketplace seller on Amazon Australia

Online IT/CE vendor Harris Technology Group Limited (ASX: HT8) is pleased to announce that Harris Technology (HT) has been rated as the top ranked market place seller on Amazon Australia by independent US market research firm Marketplace Pulse (

The ranking is based on customer feedback following purchases on the Amazon Australia platform. For detailed information, visit

Commenting on this achievement, Garrison Huang – CEO of Harris Technology said, “We are delighted to achieve the top Amazon Australia seller ranking, and are grateful for all the customer reviews and feedback received.  We have been able to take advantage of Amazon Australia’s strong logistic and marketing power to grow our footprints on Amazon”.

“Our strategy of working in partnership with the major e-commerce platforms is certainly contributing to our bottom line, with online sales growing substantially over the past year. We are continuously working closely with platforms such as Amazon, Kogan, Catch and eBay to compliment the product offerings by leveraging HT’s expertise and knowledge in IT/CE products”.

“This all culminates in the big financial turn-around in FY20 as we delivered an annual net profit before tax in excess of $1.1 million (unaudited), compared to the previous year’s result of a $732,000 loss (audited). We are now looking forward to another exceptional growth year ahead”.

Harris Technology Group Limited launched a Pro-Hygiene division distributing PPE products in April 2020. The company has recently expanded product coverage from the existing range of face masks, hand sanitisers, alcohol wipes. It has co-developed a foot operated hand sanitiser dispenser. The product ensures non-contact dispensing and avoids using any batteries. The first trial order of 500 pcs is now in production. There is also a shipment of 1000pc of non-touch infrared thermometer in transit to arrive at end of July.  Sales on Pro-hygiene PPE products has exceeded $1.4 million since launching.

*About Harris Technology Group Limited

Harris Technology Group Limited is a publicly listed company on Australia Stocks Exchange (ASX code: HT8). The company’s main business is the e-commerce business of Harris Technology (HT) – Harris Technology is a well-known brand with a 30+ year history in IT/CE retail market covering a very wide range of IT products for small and medium businesses in Australia. Harris Technology was previously owned by Officeworks under Westfamers and prior to this, it was owned by Coles Myer Group.  Harris Technology no longer operates any physical shopfronts – all businesses of Harris Technology is conducted online both on and via the major online platforms such as Amazon, Kogan, Catch and eBay etc.

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